Columbus Day

What is Columbus Day?

Columbus Day commemorates the arrival of Christopher Columbus on the island of Guananí, in the archipelago of the Bahamas, although the expedition captained by the Spaniard believed, at that time, that they had landed in Jipangu (Japan). This historic event is now known as "the discovery of America" and provided the first contact between Europe and America. 

When is Columbus Day?

Columbus Day is celebrated in Spain every year on October 12. A date that was coined in 1892 (four centuries had passed since Christopher Columbus's arrival in America) by the ruling Queen María Cristina of Austria (widow of Alfonso XII) on behalf of her son, Alfonso XII, under a royal decree with which she declared the national holiday. However, it did not become law until 1987 (Act 18/1987).

What is the Columbus Day parade?

In Spain, Columbus Day is characterized by the military parade. An event that is attended by the King of Spain and many other politicians, and where we can see our military parading and our aviators flying over the city. This event, until 1997, was held on May 30. In that year, through Royal Decree 862/1997, it was changed to October 12.

How can I finance my Columbus Day expenses?

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