International Students' Day

What is Students' Day?

In Spain, International Students' Day commemorates the figure of the student within the educational community, as well as the struggle in favor of free education for all. This tribute dates back to 1939, when numerous protests and uprisings took place (due to the death of Jan Opletal, a Medical Faculty student, due to the Nazi invasion of Czechoslovakia), in which students from that country took part. This heroic act led the International Union of Students, founded in 1941, to declare November 17 as International Students' Day.

When is Students' Day?

The official date of International Students' Day, established by the International Union of Students, is November 17.

Is Students' Day celebrated in other countries?

As with other festivities, there are countries where the date of International Students' Day is different from the official one. This is the case, for example, in Argentina (September 21), Chile (May 11), Colombia (June 8) or Mexico (May 23). Spain celebrates it on the original day.

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