What is Halloween?

Halloween, a word that comes from the contraction of All Hallow's Eve, is a festival of Celtic origin. On October 31, these people used to celebrate what they came to call 'Samhain' (which translates as 'summer's end'). A farewell ceremony for Lugh, the Sun god, who was given offerings of food and sweets. To them, this holiday also signified the return of the spirits of the dead to the world of the living. Over time, the tradition was passed on to other places, such as the United States, where it arrived in 1840 (although Halloween did not attain the level of popularity it has today until 1970). Today, it is celebrated worldwide, but especially in the USA, Canada, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

What day is Halloween?

As its name indicates - it comes from All Hallow's Eve - Halloween takes place on the day before All Saints' Day, that is, on October 31. A date that, as we explained earlier, comes from the Celtic festival of the 'Samhain', on which Celts commemorated the 'end of summer'.

What is Halloween night like?

On Halloween night, especially in the United States, houses are typically decorated with skeletons, ghosts, bats or spiders (among other ornaments). Masks and costumes, which can be bought in a store or made by hand, are also very common on Halloween. But if there's one thing Halloween is known for, it's trick and treating, in which children dress up and go from house to house in their neighborhood asking for candy.

What deals are there on Halloween?

Many deals are available on Halloween, most of them in the tourism sector (since trips are very common on this date, which coincides with All Saints Day, a holiday in Spain). From airlines, with discounts on flights, to hotel companies (with special packs), they all offer very appealing deals to consumers on this significant date.

How can I finance my Halloween expenses?

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