Most common requirements for a credit card

What you need to obtain a credit card See what the most frequent requirements are.
A credit card is a payment instrument that lets you manage your payments for purchases. Unlike a debit card, where transactions are charged directly to an account, a credit card enables you to accumulate expenses within specific time and monetary limits. Specifically, a credit card allows you to access funds in advance in order to make payments "on credit". Although this is certainly an attractive option, banks demand that certain requirements be met in order to issue a credit card.
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As the name suggests, as a credit card holder, you will have access to funds in advance which you pay back at a later date. However, a cash advance of this kind entails a number risks for the issuer, which is why it will demand that the holder meets certain requirements. Card processing activities are also linked to certain conditions that you should know about in advance. This is what we will discuss here.

Basic requirements of a credit card

You must be of legal age and hold a bank account to qualify for a credit card. This is the only way money loaned to your bank account can be directly repaid. The bank will collect payments made with a credit card from the holder's checking account within a stipulated time frame, which is usually on a monthly basis.

It is easy to apply for a credit card. Generally, applying for a credit card does not take more than a few minutes. You can submit your application online, or via the BBVA App if you are a customer, without needing to visit a branch. Some aspects of your customer profile are included in this application. As a credit card is a financial instrument, the bank will decide whether to accept or decline your application based on certain risk criteria.

Other advantages of a credit card

Credit cards usually offer other additional services such as travel or theft insurance and points programs. However, the main advantage is being able to manage your expenses through periodic payments. You can use a credit card to pay for your most expensive items in several installments. This will make financing such purchases easier to deal with.

These conditions are based on the requirements for each product. This means that the issuer will demand that you meet certain risk conditions before it will grant you a credit card with a higher credit limit and more flexible repayment options. Requirements will vary based on how much capital you have and how much you need.

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Therefore, as different customers have different needs, you must know what your requirements are before you apply for a credit card. Different types of credit cards are associated with different conditions and specific requirements. Visit our website to see a comparison of all the BBVA cards and the specific requirements for each product.

With just a few clicks and no commitment, you can check the most common requirements of each BBVA product of this kind. The application tool also lets you add information about your financial position and current requirements.

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