BBVA Consolidación 85 range

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BBVA's Consolidación 85 range is a savings and investment solution created to protect at least 85% of the initial investment and increase this level when the fund generates a return. In order to achieve this return, funds are diversified between different asset classes that are managed dynamically by a highly qualified team. Information is always available about each customer's minimum target price and capital protection percentage. This range benefits from investment fund tax relief. Below, we explain the characteristics of the BBVA Consolidación 85 range fund and plan.
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BBVA Consolidación 85 fund

The goal of this fund as regards its yield target, which is not guaranteed, is to ensure that the daily net asset value does not drop below 85% of the historical peak. It is an international mixed equity fund. It invests in high risk assets such as equities, emerging assets and low quality fixed-income assets in search of returns, combined with other lower risk assets such as short-term fixed-income assets, in order to control the portfolio's total risk profile and meet the yield target. It seeks to consolidate the target net asset value and so may not achieve any returns at all and may even incur a loss. The weight of higher risk assets will vary, depending on to what extent the target has been achieved. If market conditions are particularly adverse, the fund may be almost entirely invested in assets with a very low risk rating and yield. Maximum exposure to risk is 60%. No more than 50% of the portfolio may be invested in currencies other than the Euro. The fund has a rating of five (intermediate-high) on the financial products risk scale and the recommended investment horizon is at least two years.
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BBVA Consolidación 85 plan

In order to round out its Consolidación 85 range, BBVA set up a pension plan with the same name, which also controls the porftolio's risk profile and seeks to consolidate gains over the long term. It is an international mixed equity pension plan and between 0% and 60% of its portfolio can be invested in equities. The aim is to maximize medium-term returns. Investments are always subject to the non-guaranteed consolidation target, which is never to allow the daily net asset value to drop below 85% of the historic peak. The pension plan has a rating of five out of seven on the risk scale.
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