How to compare paycheck accounts

Discover how to structure your paycheck account to make the most of your income and receive associated rewards

Having a bank account is very important. We can use it both to carry out our day-to-day transactions and to receive our salary, to pay bills by direct debit (electricity, water, telephone, etc.) and to receive recurring income.

But what should a good account offer us to have our salary paid into it? Which bank is it best to open an account with? Find out all this for yourself and start comparing salary accounts now, so that you can find the one that's best for you.

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Where should I open a salary account?

There are many different accounts to choose from, depending on which bank you open it with. However, each financial institution has a very specific profile and, in the long run, a very specific set of conditions and benefits. When the benefits offered are of a high quality, they are better suited to the user's needs, so it is worth weighing them up beforehand. In other words, before opening a salary account, take a look at the offers that are available and, with a quick comparison, consider where it is best for you to open your account.

Which is the best bank? Put simply, the one that offers you competitive products and top-notch services. In today's terms, this means excellent benefits at zero cost, a high-quality cell phone app - for instance, with cutting-edge payment tools - and support for your future with a solid range of mortgages, loans, etc. In short, the ideal bank will be whichever one not only offers you first-rate financial benefits, but also a compelling and practical range of online services that make your life easier.

What should a salary account offer?

Direct depositing your paycheck is simply the means by which your employer deposits your salary into your account on a regular basis, almost always by bank transfer. Besides giving your account an element of consistency, having your paycheck paid into your account can bring you excellent added benefits, since banks appreciate such regular direct deposits and offer appealing salary accounts that reward loyalty.

But how do we know what to take into consideration when comparing salary accounts? Here are a few ideas:

  • Account administration and maintenance fees: we must assess the various options with regards to fees.
  • Enjoy the latest tools for controlling your accounts online: don't settle for a boring website, look for the best app.
  • Think about the extras of, for example, a first-rate app: you can use an app for much more than simply checking your accounts. That's why you should make sure it allows you, for instance, to also make payments with your cell phone or to withdraw cash without having to carry your card on you.
  • Accounts are not the only product available: weigh up the possibility of taking out some other additional product in the future, such as a savings plan or a mortgage.
  • Don't commit to what you don't want: insist on flexibility in your contract and feel comfortable with what you're signing.

BBVA's proposal

As a bank, BBVA is firmly committed to offering the highest quality. BBVA has a network of more than 6,000 ATMs and numerous branches. It also offers first-rate online services via a pioneering app that has allowed the bank to become a leader in the latest banking management technologies. This is possible thanks to the BBVA app, the top mobile banking app in Europe according to the consultancy firm Forrester.
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This means that, if you have a BBVA account, you can use any device (such as a computer, tablet or cell phone) to check your transactions and make payments without having to carry a card. The BBVA app provides instant access to cutting-edge payment tools, such as BBVA SmartPay, which you can use to quickly make payments with your cell phone, wherever you are.

A comparison of salary and non-salary accounts shows that, first and foremost, a good account is one that is flexible, offers you extra products and, on top of that, doesn't charge you anything. An account designed for new customers that has no conditions or fees and doesn't require you to direct deposit your salary or direct debit bills. This is BBVA's Fee-Free Online Account

Although BBVA doesn't require its customers to have a salary to open an account, the fact is that having a regular salary or income will give you access to excellent conditions, such as with the Va Contigo Account, which not only has no fees if you direct deposit a salary over €800, but also gives you access to a personal adviser and an entire management team through the BBVA app.

Take advantage of the benefits of working with a quality bank: your account will give you access to excellent financing programs, credit lines, mortgages, credit cards, etc. Go to the "Accounts and Cards" section at for more detailed information about this product. Take a look and benefit from one of the market's leading accounts!

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