Savings app: your new ally

Tools to help you build a financial cushion.

Mobile apps can make everyday tasks easier and cheaper, such as making purchases, speaking with a friend or loved one who lives far away, and accessing all sorts of information instantly. Only twenty years ago, these simple actions were much more complicated and expensive. 

Similarly, apps are one of the best tools around to help us save. There are multiple apps available on the market that make it easier to achieve your goals by providing greater control over your expenses and savings. 

At BBVA, we understand how important this is to you. Therefore, we have created several solutions to help you achieve your savings goal.

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Use the six rules and achieve your goals quickly and easily

Money-saving features

The BBVA app offers five useful features, each with a different money-saving objective. These are My Everyday Operations, Projected Transactions, Bconomy, Set Up Your Account, and My Goals. 

My Everyday Operations: keeping your money under control is easy with this tool which breaks down your income and spending into categories. It is based on the idea that the more information you have, the easier it is to achieve your goals. What's more, it is extremely intuitive and easy to use. 

Projected transactions: this tool (available in Bconomy) estimates your income and expenses for the next two months. Therefore, you can make the best decisions in advance for your savings. 

Bconomy: this tool analyzes your finances based on the evolution of your income and expenses, your available savings, the percentage of your money spent on your home, and whether you have any debt. After analyzing this data, the software produces a diagnosis and recommends plans to improve your finances. It also compares you with other people with similar profiles so you have a realistic idea of your spending.
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BBVA Goals account
The account that helps you achieve your savings goals.

Avoid unnecessary expenses during your working day

Set up your account: this tool gives you greater control over your account by applying six rules. The Rounding Off feature automatically transfers the change you receive for each debit card purchase (the difference between the total amount and the next euro) to another account. You can also apply the Paycheck Savings, Month-End Savings, and Budget Savings rules. The first rule automatically transfers a percentage of your paycheck to another account at the start of the month. The second rule works in the same way; however, it is based on your account balance at the end of the month. The third rule is based on any surplus money in your budgets created with Bconomy. Finally, you can use the following two rules: Maximum Balance (which establishes a limit that, if exceeded, generates an automatic transfer of the surplus money to another savings account) and Minimum Balance (which sets a lower limit which can never be passed, thereby preventing you from going overdrawn). 

My Goals: this bank account can be opened via the BBVA app or once you have opened it, you simply give it a name and set a target amount and date for your savings goal. Based on this information, you will receive notifications about your savings progress. Opening and maintaining the account is completely free. What's more, you can access your money at any time.

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