Set up your account

Set up your account to manage your money and save in your own way without almost noticing it.

Create rules to make your money and your account behave the way you want.

Manage your account automatically thanks to the six rules available.
  • Combine them between yes for take out them great party. 
  • Modifies, deactivates or deletes the rules according to need. 
  • Receives notifications for follow the rules that have activated. 

What is Set Up Your Account: automatic management of your accounts?

  • Is a service compound of some simple rules that you help to manage in an automatic way your accounts and thus be able to save and have more control on your money. For this, can activate and deactivate the rules, that specified below, how and when want. 

    Manage your accounts automatically and enjoy your plans to the fullest.

    Watch video Set up and automatically manage your account

Your bank on your smartphone with the BBVA app

The rules for automatically managing accounts

  • Saves a part of salary

    Chooses the percentage of salary that want save automatically.
  • Minimum balance: avoids unforeseen events

    Chooses the minimum balance that want keep in your account.
  • Balance maximum: keeper your extra balance

    From your cell phone, from anywhere.
  • Rounding off in purchases

    Rounds the amount of what pays in your purchases and save it in the account that decide. 
  • Budget savings

    If have created a budget in Bconomy, be able to save what you on in the account that choose. 
  • End of month savings

    Guarda automatically a percentage of what you on in order month. 

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