Projected transactions

Your estimated income and expenses, placed into a calendar for the following months.

Detailed information on your usual expenses and income.

  • Your coming transactions at a glance. 
  • You can plan your payments easily. 
  • Your expenses and income under control. 

What are Projected transactions?

  • You can see the forecast of your financial movements for the coming months in a glance, so that you can control them better, and view them comfortably and in an easily accessible way.

    Your estimated income and expenses, shown on a calendar over two months, so you can know when you will receive a bill, and what the difference will be between income and expenses during the month. You can even export this to your personal calendar. 

    Access your forecast from, or using the BBVA app, and start managing your day-to-day more simply.

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Your bank on your smartphone with the BBVA app

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