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Opportunities for a greener future

We support your commitment to environmental protection

To help make your new projects a reality without compromising the health of the planet, we offer sustainable financing solutions, cards made with recycled plastic and tools to calculate your carbon footprint.

These are our solutions for people and businesses

Aqua Más Credit Card
  • More secure, with no printed numbers.
  • Better protection for your online and offline purchases.
  • Defer any payment over 3 months with no interest (0% NIR, 0% APR for the first year). For example, you would repay a purchase of €1,500 over 3 monthly payments of €500. 
  • Sustainable product.

Your carbon footprint

Almost anything we do in our day-to-day lives contributes to the carbon dioxide emissions that determine our personal carbon footprint.
 Find out how at BBVA we can help you reduce it.
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Calculate your company's carbon footprint

Find out how it evolves over time and compare it with that of similar companies.
Illustration of a carbon footprint

More information on environmental protection

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Other paths to move with you towards a greener future

  • Energy

    We can help you improve the energy efficiency of your home and business.
  • Mobility

    We make it easy for you to buy hybrid or electric vehicles with low CO2 emissions.