June 27


Celebrate with us European SME day.

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Micro-, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Day is held on June 27 in every United Nations member state.

This day was promoted by the UN on April 6, 2017 to acknowledge the role these companies play in creating jobs, boosting the economy and contributing to sustainable development.

Other important dates

  • Electric Vehicle Day celebrates how important electric cars are to expanding sustainable mobility, as well as the positive impact sustainable mobility has on preserving the environment.
  • World Tourism Day is an event organized by the WTO (United Nations World Tourism Organization) with the aim of making the world aware of the role of tourism, as well as its impact, on a social, cultural, political and economic level. 
  • Columbus Day commemorates the arrival of Christopher Columbus on the island of Guanani, an event that came to be known as "the discovery of America" and provided the first contact between Europe and America.