How do instant transfers work?

We'll explain how instant transfers work: method, allowed recipients and advantages.
A transfer immediate is an operation that arrives in an instantaneous way to the account destination and has a cost of 1.25€ per operation. Can carry out from or BBVA'sapp, 24 hours a day , the 7 days of week and from your house. It is currently possible to make instant transfers to the banking institutions associated with SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area). This includes the majority of banks in the 28 EU countries, together with Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Monaco, San Marino and Switzerland.
  1. Log in to your Private Area at
  2. Introduce your access passwords
  3. Go to your “Global Position” 
  4. Choose the account from which you want to make the transfer and click “Make a transfer”
  5. Choose the option “Instant Transfer" > Start
  6. Enter the IBAN and name of the payee > Next.
  7. Enter the amount and reference > Next
  8. Confirm the details
  9. Enter the SMS code > Accept

In the bottom right you can download the transfer as a PDF, print it, or send it by email.

  1. Log in to your Private Area via the BBVA app
  2. Introduce your access passwords
  3. In the drop-down menu, click on “Perform a transaction” > Transfers
  4. Verify the origin account and enter the account number and payee who you are going to send the money to
  5. Select the amount
  6. Under type of transfer, select “Instant transfer" > Continue
  7. Enter the transfer reference > Continue
  8. Confirm the data > Continue
  9. Enter the SMS code > Accept