What is a Contigo adviser?

We'll tell you what it is and how an Adviser can help you with your banking.

What is a Contigo Adviser and what do they offer?

They are personal advisers that BBVA offers its customers at no additional cost. A Contigo Adviser will help you to:

  • Facilitate and speed up your relationship with the bank, thanks to direct and personal communication.
  • Carry out complex financial tasks and transactions: taking out loans, purchasing investment funds and plans, deposits, signing up for cards, insurance plans, etc.
  • Carry out everyday transactions: basic banking, viewing your accounts and transactions, increasing spending limits, canceling/renewing cards, resolving doubts about a specific transaction.

What are the advantages of having a Contigo Adviser?

The main advantage is that you can manage your finances without having to go to a branch. Please bear in mind that, due to organizational reasons, we may have to change your assigned adviser. However, all our advisers are highly qualified to provide you with support and answer any questions you may have.

How can an adviser help me with my banking?

Your BBVA Contigo Adviser can help you with anything related to your banking

  • Learn more about the BBVA products you are interested in.
  • Answer your questions about investments and transactions.
  • Sign and send contract documentation for BBVA products via the BBVA app.