What is the technology NFC?

Discovers in what consists this system and how can profit from the advantages that offers in your day by day.
One of the technological innovations that has widespread and built in to our daily life with great speed in recent years is the technology NFC. The NFC (Near Field Communication or communication of field close) is a system that allows the wireless communication and snapshot among two devices with the aim of exchange details and identify and validate teams or people. From your appearance, recently more than one decade, this technology has revolutionized the way in which carry out countless activities of daily life, from the payments in establishments until how board in the planes. In this item, you count in detail what is NFC and how use this technology for carry out your day-to-day runnings of more comfortable and simple way.
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In what consists the technology NFC?

The NFC is a technology wireless of high frequency that, as your own name points out, issues signs of short range. This means that, in order carry out the data transmission among two devices, these owe be situated to less than 10 centimeters the one of the other. 

Thanks to the high frequency of the ripples and to the surrounding area among the devices, the technology NFC offers the possibility of communicate teams in an instantaneous way; moreover, the briefness of the signs hinders the possible agents interferences external, what allows to this technology offer broader safety that other systems.

The technology NFC presents two ways of operation: asset and liabilities. In the way asset, both devices have a chip NFC that creates an electromagnetic field and allows the bidirectional exchange of the details. In the passiveway , only one of the devices has this technology, creating a field of the one which the other device can make use for transmit the information.

Technology applications NFC

The technology NFC was initially conceived for your application in telephones and mobile devices general. Nowadays, all the cell phones of last generation take this innovative integrated system . The Google american firm is one of those that more has profited from the expansion of the NFC: through this system of instantaneous communication and the Google application Maps, the giant technological identifies the location of the devices and can send to the users information personalized on establishments, events or public transport of the area.

The NFC also allows store documents identifying, as entrances for an event or boarding cards, and obtain instant access to the enclosure corresponding with just happen the cell phone for a reader. Moreover, many manufacturers are using this system for enable the synchronization among your devices without need of make use of the Bluetooth. Thus, for example, the users can synchronize your cell phones with loudspeakers or headphones to the bring closer both devices.

Nevertheless, the application star of the technology NFC in the cell phones lies in the possibility of carry out payments with the device. This function also has comprehensive in the cards of transportation, as well as in the debit cards and credit, giving place to the Contactless payments.

Last of all, and specifically in the national sphere, the current version of the ELECTRONIC ID CARD , that began to distribute in 2015, also takes the technology NFC comprehensive. This se system added in the National ID Card with the aim of offer to the account holders the possibility of carry out manage office workers and officers without need of come of way in person to the delegations. For make good use of the advantages of this system, is necessary have a reader of NFC connected to the computer, or use the cell phone as reader.

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How carry out payments with the technology NFC

As already has mentioned, the possibility of carry out payments from a mobile device has become the main advantage of the technology NFC and, undoubtedly, in one of the uses more widespread of this system. In order use this function, is necessary have an application in the device (that, as well as a cell phone, also can be a clock intelligent). These applications work as portfolio, offering to the user the possibility of choose that with which wants carry out the payment at the time of the purchase. Thanks to the technology NFC, is enough with bring closer the mobile device to the Contactless terminal so that happens the exchange of details and completes the payment.

BBVA's customers have the possibility of carry out payments comfortably from your cell phone. Only owe access the menu, enter “Do an operation”, and choose “Operations with cards” and “mobile”Payment.

If are customer of BBVA, already can start to enjoy the advantages that offers the technology NFC for carry out payments with your cell phone. Visit bbva.es for obtain more information.

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