How do I request a credit card?

You can request one at a branch or from your home using the Internet
A credit card allows payment for purchases to be deferred over a period of time that is agreed upon between the cardholder and the financial institution that issues the card. As its name indicates, it represents a granting of credit. This means that there are a series of requirements that must be fulfilled, as well as some different paths to follow for requesting a card.
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You'll be able to pay for your purchases over time and use it at over 6,000 ATMs.

Requirements for requesting a credit card

Each financial institution can establish its own requirements for credit card applicants. However, as a general rule there are a series of characteristics that any person requesting a credit card must possess. These include:

  • Being of legal age: with a credit card, you are contracting with the bank and taking on an obligation to pay afterwards for the purchases you make.
  • You need to have some income to guarantee your ability to pay back the credit.
  • Have a good credit history: this requirement goes together with the previous one, but with the emphasis placed on the need to demonstrate to the financial institution that you are solvent and that the payments will be made on time.
  • You must not appear on any credit default lists.
You will need to provide the following information in order to demonstrate to the financial institution that you meet all of the requirements: official identity document and evidence of receiving a regular income.

Ways to request a credit card

Although you can still visit a bank branch to request a card, you can also do it online, an option that has become increasingly popular. You only need a device with an Internet connection, which can be a computer, a cell phone, or a tablet. In just a few minutes you can submit your application for a credit card. The rest of the steps in the process are just as simple.

At you can view the large catalog of credit cards we offer, along with a detailed explanation of all of their characteristics. The BBVA Después Card is the most “conventional” option, since it lets you repay the bank for the amounts you spend throughout the month in a single payment or in a series of smaller payments.

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BBVA credit card
Pay for your purchases over time with the Después Card and use it at over 6,000 ATMs.
If you are not a customer, you can still request and receive the card, with no disadvantages. Once you have specified the card, the website will ask you to enter the limit you want for the card and the form of payment, which can be payment in full at the end of the month, payment each month of a percentage, or payment each month of a fixed amount. Then you just need to enter your personal details and wait for an online operator to validate and confirm your request, and also to inform you about any additional documentation you may need to send.
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