Chatbot: what is it and what is it used for?

Artificial intelligence at your service.
One of AI's greatest inventions is the chatbot. These instruments use artificial intelligence to communicate effectively with the user and resolve any queries that the user may have. In BBVA have developed a chatbot that is useful of online tutorial to all the customers of our app of mobile banking and them support to operate and manage your finances on the day to day. Read on for more information about this new tool and its advantages.
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What is a chatbot?

Chatbots are artificial intelligence applications that use the data stored in their memory and their automatic learning capacity to hold conversations with users and provide immediate answers to questions. These tools were created to improve the user experience, as they can provide answers to many questions through personalized and simple interactions.

A chatbot is, after all, a technology that serves as a bridge between users and help software. Its greatest feature is that the user no longer has to browse through the application to find information on a particular subject: simply by asking a question, the chatbot searches the results in its database and gives the correct information. Likewise, although many chatbots are designed to respond to the questions posed by users, there are more advanced chatbots capable of carrying out specific automated actions, as if they were a personal assistant.

Discover the new chatbot on the BBVA app

Aware of the advantages that can offer to the users, in BBVA have developed a chatbot that works as a personal assistant comprehensive in the BBVA app for offer you a better experience in the management of your finances, solve your doubts, and offer you financial information in a simple way and without need of that get around of your place of residence. This chatbot gives you a different take on all the financial information you have stored in your mobile banking app: through a more human conversation and in colloquial, simple, and familiar language.

To interact with the chatbot, just click on the second icon (3 bars) at the bottom of the screen, then you will be shown text ("Speak to Bibot") at the top. In addition to providing you with all the information on your expenses and income, you are also notified when your salary is deposited and of any unusual expenses; it offers you recommended budgets based on an estimate of the current month or the following month; it offers money-saving tips depending on the financial situation of your account; it recommends tailor-made products that can be very advantageous for you, and it notifies you of customized promotions that are in line with your spending patterns. What's more, it was designed to respect your privacy. For this reason, you only have access to the information on the accounts and cards stored in your Bconomy private area.

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This kind chatbot can also enlighten you on concepts that are sometimes difficult to understand, such as the difference between a fixed and variable expense. Besides being a great personal assistant, it is also an instructional and interactive tool that helps you understand the day-to-day of your finances simply so that you can make the right decisions.

Customers who already use the chatbot say it is as a nice tool that brings their financial information to them in an entertaining format. Some claim that this technology is of great help to the elderly who find it difficult to navigate apps, as it provides them with the information they need easily. It is also especially useful for customers who are pressed for time, as it gives them all the information they need just by asking the robot a question — there's no need to spend time searching for information and carrying out operations.

At BBVA we want our customers to be able to manage their finances as easily and efficiently as possible. For this reason, we encourage you to visit and download the best mobile banking app in Europe. Start enjoying the advantages of being a BBVA customer today and save time and worries when managing your accounts.

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