The insurance you need for an international trip

Are you traveling abroad and want to protect yourself against contingencies? It's worth taking out travel insurance to put your mind at ease

Are you intending to travel abroad and want to get everything in order? As well as certain technical elements such as currency, transport, accommodation and vaccinations, you must also consider taking out international travel insurance. Many things can happen while you are abroad, which is why people who travel often are well aware that prevention is better than cure.

The best way to protect yourself is to take out insurance. Good international travel insurance will give you coverage as well as added services in the event of potential contingencies such as lost luggage or delays. This article explains some of these areas and will help you to decide whether you need travel insurance.

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Healthcare throughout the world

The first thing to consider before you travel is whether any health care you may require is covered. This matter, which is quite simple, can be resolved by answering the following question: where are you traveling to?

If you pay social security and are traveling within the European Economic Area, you can request a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or a Provisional Replacement Certificate. In the event of an emergency, these documents will enable you to access the same medical treatment as provided to citizens of the country you're in. This means that, if something happens to you in Germany or France, you can use your European Health Card to receive treatment in any public health center. However, there are two requirements in order to use the card:

  • You must be treated in a public hospital. Private health centers exist in Europe, as they do in Spain. The European Health Insurance Card does not cover treatment provided by these facilities.
  • The European Health Insurance Card does not cover costs associated with search and rescue operations, such as may be required if you were to get lost whilst trekking in the Alps. You must pay for the cost of any rescue operations yourself.

If you are unsure about the requirements for obtaining or maintaining the policy, or about its coverages, you can check the website of the social security institute

Traveling outside Europe. If you travel outside Europe, you will have to take further measures. However, it may be that your health costs are already covered if you have private medical insurance or a premium credit card.

  • Private health insurance products, such as BBVA Más Salud, guarantee emergency healthcare abroad for all insured persons, even in the United States.
  • If you have a BBVA Después Gold Card or another card offering premium services that you use to pay for your trip, you will receive free accident and travel assistance insurance. This insurance will cover any emergency affecting both you and your travel companions.

Other areas covered apart from health care. Of course not! Although your health is what matters most, there are a number of other important issues that may arise during a trip that it's worth providing for.

Other contingencies

International travel insurance may be a good way to save headaches in any of the following situations:

  • Luggage issues: if your luggage does not arrive because it has been lost or stolen, you will receive compensation immediately in order to replace missing items. As well as losses, good international travel insurance also covers you for any damage or impairments caused during transit.
  • Delays: you can recover any money you spend as a result of a delay.
  • Accidents: in the event of an accident, good international medical insurance will cover medical and health care costs and will also organize all the health care services you need on your behalf. These include consultancy and return transfers which, in the event of illness may include free transportation in planes or helicopters equipped with specialist health care equipment.
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When and where insurance can be taken out.

As discussed above, the question about what medical insurance you need for international travel can be answered in different ways. If, for example, whilst traveling in Europe and following an emergency you wish to be treated in a private health center, or if you are planning to take part in activities that, due to the level of risk involved, may mean that you need to be rescued, perhaps one of the following options will be of most use: take out health insurance or consider paying for your trip with a debit or credit card.

These two options can be extended if you travel abroad. However, you should always check your coverage. Countries such as the United States, for example, are not usually included in standard policies; therefore, cover for these countries must be taken out separately.

However, if you are really picky about your insurance policies, then you can take out an additional product, such as a BBVA Travel Insurance policy.

BBVA Travel Insurance

With the BBVA Travel Insurance, not only you will cover medical fees (€6,000 in Europe / €8,000 in the rest of the world) and patient transfers (without limit), but you will also have right to indemnities for loss of luggage or travel delays. If your luggage is lost (or damaged), you can claim up to €600 (a maximum of €60 per item of luggage). If you are delayed, you can claim up to a maximum of €200 for the money you spent during the time you were delayed. You can receive all the above with no limit on the number of trips and destinations abroad you can travel to within a 90 day period!

How to take out this insurance. Apply for this insurance via from your cell phone or tablet and receive coverage quickly and easily. Enter your personal details, email address and a telephone number to find out immediately if you are eligible.

How much does it cost? By taking out this insurance, you will no longer have to dread delays or lost luggage. Furthermore, the product will not have a substantial impact on your finances. the cost of this insurance is €1 a week, which totals €52 per year. You will recover the cost of your BBVA Travel Insurance if your luggage is lost just once!

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