Lost luggage and other unforeseen events while traveling

When your luggage arrives late or damaged.

You arrive happily at your destination and go claim your luggage. The minutes go by and still no suitcase. The hassle of dealing with lost bags is unavoidable, but you can make this situation more bearable and keep it from affecting or altering your travel plans. 

According to data from 2017, around 22 million suitcases around the world were incorrectly checked. Hopefully it won't happen to you, but if it does, it's better to be prepared and to have insurance that covers lost, stolen or damaged luggage.

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Problems with luggage. What do I do now?

If your bags have been lost or if you've had some kind of problem with your bags during air transport, the first thing you have to do is go to the information desk of your airline and report the loss

According to Aena, "the airline is responsible for any harm resulting from the destruction, loss or damage of checked baggage when the incident that caused it occurred on board the aircraft or while the checked baggage was in the custody of the airline." 

However, you should carry your documentation and the most valuable items with you during the flight. 

When you file a claim for your luggage, please don't forget to provide the following documentation: 

  • Boarding card. 
  • The original PIR (Property Irregular Report) document is absolutely required for the company to process the claim. 
  • Luggage identification tag. 
  • List of contents of the luggage. 
  • Original receipts for anything purchased to replace the contents of the lost bags. 
  • Bank details.


You receive financial compensation for lost, damaged or delayed luggage. In the latter case, it depends on how long it's been since it was lost and when it was delivered to you. 

If the lost suitcases are not found, we recommend making a list of everything you had inside them, including details on the items, such as the brand, model and year of purchase. The airline will appraise your belongings. 

If you check a bag whose value exceeds the specified compensation amount, we recommend declaring it as special-value baggage and paying a surcharge when you check it. 

No claims can be made for damage to defective luggage. In addition, if the damage occurred to an unchecked bag, the airline will only accept responsibility if it was caused by its staff or by some factor involving the airline itself.

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If I have a travel insurance policy, how do I deal with the insurance company?

If you have travel insurance and your luggage is in an unknown location, the first thing you should do is find out that your policy covers in terms of problems involving your luggage. 

Ideally, you should take with you a copy of the policy with the most important details, such as the policy number, the name of the insured, the DNI and a contact phone number for the insurance company. They will tell you how to proceed. Find out more about the steps you have to take and the documents you have to provide. 

With BBVA Travel Insurance, and its extended coverage, you will be entitled to compensation if your luggage is stolen or your trip is cancelled. If your luggage is stolen, you can claim up to €900 if it was checked and €60 per item (up to a total of €600) if it was not. If your trip is cancelled after it starts, you can request a refund for the unused portion of the trip for up to €900 (provided it is cancelled for risks covered by the insurance). 

If you pay for the trip with your BBVA Después Gold Card, you have access to travel assistance insurance that includes coverage for lost or damaged suitcases for up to 600 euros. If you travel a lot, you may be interested in applying for this card, which, in addition to the best financial features, also provides Travel Accident Insurance of up to €760,000 and Travel Assistance Insurance, provided you use it on your trips.

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