What type of travel insurance need for Europe?

You explain the basic cover that owes have your insurance when trips for Europe.
During a trip, whether for businesses or for tourism, the risks of suffer some incident or unforeseen event increase. Can lose the luggage during the transportation or that the flight delays many hours. But, above all, if travels out of the country of residence, the worst thing that can happen is an incident medical and, depending on the country to the one which travel, a simple virus estomacal can suppose a high economic cost. For all of this, is convenient contract a surely us protects. To the belong to the same continent, is very usual think that not needs a travel insurance for Europe: an error that can empty our pockets.
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A travel insurance allows that the policyholder enjoys your trip with the guarantee of be protégé before different circumstances according to the conditions contracted in your policy. For example, with the contracting of a travel insurance to Europe, the insurance policyholder pay an amount found to the insurance company and this, in return, assumes the medical costs if puts on sick person your policyholder in the country European in which is, according to it established in the policy. 

Being European not is compulsory contract a travel insurance to Europe, but as say, is very recommendable, as not all the countries of the Old Continent have a health system with the benefits that have in Spain. However, if travels to Europe from the outside, for example from Latin America, yes be necessary contract a travel insurance on a par that requests the visa for enter to the Schengen Area.

Advice for contract a travel insurance

Before contract a travel insurance for Europe, is important that choose the policy that better adapts to the characteristics specific of your trip:

  • Not it leave for last time: is essential that contract the travel insurance before the start date. Once are in your destination be very complicated that some insurer you offers the policy. Is a certain that the coverage medical yes be possible contract it the same starting day, but, for example, a coverage of cancellation be necessary do it several days earlier.
  • Calculates good the limit of medical fees: one of the coverages essential is that one of medical fees. However, the covered maximum amount can cover a very wide fan, with the consequent markup of the policy. Studies the destination point and depending on your health system contract the policy.
  • Adapts the insurance to your profile of traveler: go to travel a lot over the year or is an occasion exceptional? Travel for work or for pleasure? Are student? All these responses determine the policy type that owe contract.

Coverage of assistance in trip

Once have taken into account the points previous, arrives the time of contract your travel insurance to Europe. Are many the available choices, but choose the one which choose, make sure that your policy has coverage of assistance in trip, which gives attention of the policyholder lengthways the trip, with a wide range of coverages for every moment and incident:

  • Medical care: is the coverage more important when contract a travel insurance. In the event that the policyholder puts on sick person or suffers an accident, the medical care guarantees the payment of the sanitary costs, including surgeries if is necessary. Moreover, can cover the traveling expenses and accommodation of some relative, the extension of the stay if the hospitalization it requires or the repatriation of the body in the event of death, among others clauses.
  • Coverage of luggage: is the second guarantee more requested by the travelers. The policyholder receives an indemnity monetary if loses the luggage, it steal or suffers damages during the transportation, and also if delays your delivery when have been invoiced in the airport.
  • Delays: is possible that the insurance offers indemnities in the event that the transportation delays more than certain hours.
  • Legal defense: a coverage that you offers the legal defense out of Spain.
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BBVA Travel Insurance

If go to travel for Europe, one of the better choices for your peace of mind is the BBVA Travel insurance that you allows enjoy protection guaranteed with healthcare, relocations for illness or accident or the phone service of medical orientation, legal and of information, according to it established in the policy. 

Can contract the BBVA Travel Insurance in a fast and simple way from BBVA's app or in bbva.es, having to fret only of enjoy.

And if are a lover of the escaped ones and what want is ensure all the trips a year, with the Mini Insurance of Assistance in BBVA Trip be covered in all the foreign travels that carry out of up to 90 days of duration.

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