Is it worth taking out travel insurance?

Anticipation is the best way to prepare for any unforeseen event.

Nobody expects to have to use it and nobody wants to pay for something that may not happen; but if it happens, you'll be thankful for it, since you will save time and money

You choose your destination, look for accommodations, schedule the excursions you like the most, learn about the most important monuments you can visit and do some research on the local cuisine and culture. And the travel insurance? You can leave it for last, but don't forget that it's in your best interest to purchase it before starting your adventure.

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Why shouldn't you travel without insurance?

An illness, accident, lost or stolen luggage, canceled or delayed flights or an early return can alter your travel plans and budget. With the things that matter, it's best not to improvise. 

The main reason for taking out travel insurance is so you can enjoy the trip with total peace of mind. But there are more reasons why you should do it. Here are some of them.

  • You could have an accident. In fact, a high percentage of the medical services needed during a trip is due to an accident.
  • You could get sick and need medical and hospital care: in Spain, we're used to public, quality healthcare, but this isn't the norm in most countries, where healthcare costs tend to be high. If you don't have medical insurance, it may be difficult for you to pay for your medical expenses. If you're traveling within Europe, remember that even if you have the European Health Insurance Card, medical treatments and assistance are not free in many countries. That's why travel insurance is also recommended.
  • You'll save money: consider how much travel insurance costs on average, and how much you would have to pay to deal with any unforeseen events that may come up during the trip, whether due to health or logistical reasons. 
  • You have 24-hour information: Having advice in your language 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is priceless. 
  • You can cancel the trip if the unexpected happens: that's the second leading cause of incidents during a trip. 
  • If a flight is canceled or delayed: the insurance will reimburse any expenses resulting from any potential flight delays or cancellations. 
  • You're covered if your bags are lost or stolen: It's important to have this coverage so you can get back part of what you lost. A travel insurance policy guarantees you financial compensation and helps you with the process of getting back your suitcase. 
  • In some countries, travel insurance is required: in Cuba, Russia or in the Schengen area, for example, you can't get a visa if you don't have medical coverage.
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Your destination is the key to choosing the health insurance

If you're going to take part in risky activities or sports, don't forget to expand your policy with specific coverage for these situations. 

If the unexpected should happen, you can contact your insurance company, which will tell you what steps to take and walk you through the process needed to solve the problem in question. 

You can evaluate the insurance you need depending on the type of trip you are going to take. BBVA Travel Insurance protects you against unexpected health issues, in the event of transfers and repatriation and, with its extended option, for delayed or lost luggage.

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