How to request an extract from the Land Registry

We explain the procedure you must follow to request this useful document

A Land Registry extract is a document that includes different aspects of the legal status of specific real property. It is issued by the Land Registry office in which the property is registered and can also be requested from the Association of Registrars' website. To obtain one, you must pay the corresponding fee.

You can request this document as follows:

To enable the registrars to access this information, interested parties must provide certain data, which includes the following:

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Registration data

In this instance, the parties interested in obtaining the extract must know the property's registration number, as well as the municipality and the specific location of the plot. This will enable the registrars to locate the property in the database.

They must also know the plot's unique registration identifier.

It might be possible to obtain all the data for the property with the plot's unique registration identifier, known as an IDUFIR. The registrars can use this number to locate a specific property in the records of all properties in the country. Every property has a unique number. Basically, it's like a national identity card (DNI) for properties. If you have the property's IDUFIR, you don't really need any more information. Using this number, you can check the data of any property.

How to request an extract using title holder data

Another option is to perform a search using title holder data. To do this, you must know the owner's full name and Tax ID. This search may produce numerous results, as the title holder may own more than one property. Therefore, the registrar may ask you for specific information, which might be the municipality or autonomous community the plot is located in, or other data of this kind.

Other important and geolocation data

You can also perform a search using data about the property's location. However, this process is somewhat more complicated. You will need to know the full address of the property. The Land Registry has a large database of all the properties in the country. However, it's possible that the information you have might not be exactly the same as the information in the database. For this reason, the address used for the search must be the same as the one in the Land Registry.

You can also search for the property using a geolocation service. To do so, you will need the coordinates of the property (for the online version). Using this information, you can find the property's IDUFIR.

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Information in the Land Registry extract

The Land Registry extract contains information about:

  • Ownership. Find out who owns the property, as well as whether or not the plot occupies any communal areas.
  • Charges. Information on potential charges and whether or not the property is mortgaged or subject to an attachment order. The new owner will be liable for any charges associated with the property.
  • Description. Information about the property's characteristics, such as its location, net and gross floor areas, plot, horizontal division and Land Registry reference number. It must also be noted if the property is associated with any kind of special regime, such as social housing.

Why request a Land Registry extract?

A land registry extract can be requested for information purposes only. However, it is a useful way to find out information about a property you're interested in buying, such as who the real owner is and whether or not it is subject to any charges you weren't aware of. Also, when you have the property valued in order to apply for a mortgage, the valuer will ask you for an extract that was issued less than three months before the current date.
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