Investment solutions

We offer specific solutions based on your investor profile

  • Analysis and selection of investments.
  • Customized investment strategies.

Flexible solutions

  • We select the most interesting investment alternatives for our customers in order to offer them customized investment strategies based on the objectives, preferences and risk profile of each customer.

    We combine traditional management techniques with new trends, such as investing based on megatrends or the incorporation of ESG (environment, social and governance) criteria when selecting investments.

Experience in analysis

  • We conduct a robust investment analysis and selection process, leveraged in BBVA's capabilities, in areas of expertise such as BBVA Research, CIO private banking, Quality Funds (external fund selection and analysis team) and Investment Banking.

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Managed Portfolios

The discretionary portfolio management service is intended for customers who want to delegate the management of their assets to BBVA. Portfolios are an instrument that is diversified according to the risk profile and that actively manages the assets purchased. You can access managed Private Banking portfolios from €200,000.

We also take into account our customers' sustainability preferences when building their portfolio, integrating environmental, social and governance criteria and opportunities into our investment process.

Advised Portfolios

With our Advised Portfolios service, you can steer your investments in the direction you want. A private banker will present you with investment recommendations that suit your preferences, objectives and risk profile

We also take into account your sustainability preferences when building your portfolio, integrating environmental, social and governance criteria and opportunities into our investment process.

Investing in private markets

This type of investment instrument is suitable for achieving proper portfolio diversification by investing in:

  • Unlisted companies.
  • Custom debt operations: financing for small and medium-sized enterprises from non-banking entities.
  • Infrastructure.
  • Real estate.

This format provides access to different strategies, geographic areas and timelines, and managers that complement one another, while providing balanced returns and risks.

Launch of the new investment fund: BBVA Private Markets 2022, FCR
In this video, José Luis Segimón de Manzano, CFA and director of Investment in Private Markets, explains the characteristics of this new private capital fund.