BBVA Cashup

Send money from cellphone to cellphone, with bizum, while chatting with your friends.

Send money through any messaging app.

  • Easy and instant. 
  • As simple as sending an emoji. 
  • You can use it in any messaging application. 

What is BBVA Cashup?

  • Using bizum, you can send money cellphone to cellphone instantly and without leaving the app you're chatting in.

    You can pay your part of the dinner bill or a joint gift for a friend, even if you have no cash on you. As easy as sending an emoji, and without having to know the account number!

    All you need is your mobile number or you can select it from a list of contacts. If your friend has bizum, the money goes into their account, no matter what bank they're with, instantly. 

    Go to the BBVA app and click on bizum in the drop-down menu. Once there, enable BBVA Cashup, and you're ready! You can already use it on any messaging app.

    To find out more about Bizum, click here.

    Query here the guide to install and select BBVA Cashup on your cell phone.

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Your bank on your smartphone with the BBVA app

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