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Pay in stores with Bizum

Only with your BBVA app

Shop in online stores easier.

  • Fast and secure. 
  • All you need is your cell phone. 
  • With your BBVA App

What is Bizum for companies and businesses?

  • Bizum lets you send or receive money between cell phones instantly.And thanks to this new service for companies, you can now also pay in online stores.

    You can pay for them simply, quickly and securely with just your phone number, in stores that accept it, which will keep you from having to use your card or provide your account details. 

    How to do it

    Paying for your online purchases with Bizum is secure, fast and simple: 
    1. When you pay in your e-commerce, choose Bizum as the payment method and enter your mobile phone number.
    2. Go to or the BBVA app and authorize the operation with the code you will receive by SMS (remember that if you have notifications enabled, you will receive a message for faster and more direct access).
    3. At that time, the purchase will be made and you can then return to the store to review the purchase details.

    This payment method can be turned off or on whenever you need it (both at and in the BBVA app) from the Settings section in Bizum. 

    We'll explain the process in more detail in this guide.

    As for the Bizum password, it's not going away; rather, it will provide an optional alternative for making a payment in those cases where it may be needed for some reason (notification does not arrive, a store requires it, etc.). You can find out about this process here.

    Visit the Bizum website to see the online stores and businesses where you can pay with Bizum.

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