Pay in stores with Bizum

All you need is your password.

Shop in online stores easier.

  • Fast and secure. 
  • All you need is your cell phone. 
  • Request your password through the app or website. 

What is Bizum for companies and businesses?

  • Bizum lets you send or receive money between cell phones instantly.And thanks to this new service for companies, you can now also pay in online stores.

    Use your phone number or email to make payments in participating stores. It's fast and secure, and you don't need to enter your card or account details.

    You can pay on any e-store or website that offers this payment method.

    Get your password
    1. Choose Bizum as the payment method.
    2. Enter your phone number or confirmed email address and your "Bizum password".
    3. A code will be sent to your cell phone to confirm the purchase. 

    Request your password if you already have Bizum, or activate it via the BBVA app or if you don't have it yet.

    Visit the Bizum website to see the online stores and businesses where you can pay with Bizum.

    Watch video on shopping in businesses with Bizum

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