Security notifications

Automatic notifications and alerts against possible fraud and cyberattacks

The notification service automatically sends an email and a notification to the cell phone when a security alert occurs or strange movements in accounts or cards are detected.

What are security notifications?

It is a BBVA service that quickly detects possible cyberattacks and online fraud, sending alerts to the cell phone and emails to the computer when the security and privacy of a person's data is compromised, or an unusual movement is identified in their accounts or cards.

How do security notifications work?

When the security alert occurs, an email and a notification are sent automatically to the customer's cell phone, notifying them of the problem detected and suggesting actions to protect their data, accounts or cards.

These are the most common security alerts:

  • Password change.
  • Change of validated cell phone number.
  • Card blocked due to fraud.
  • Access code blocked due to fraud.
  • Biometric signature activation.
  • Registration of X-Pay.
  • High-amount transfers.
  • Mobile Cash Withdrawals.
  • Taking out of pre-approved loan
  • Check or promissory note charge.


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