Financial planning

Plan your personal and family finances with the BBVA app

What if the BBVA app could help you improve your financial planning and management?

Getting proposals that could help you improve your financial health or finding the investment that could fit your goals. And all this, taking into account your financial situation.

Manage your assets

When making big decisions, it's best to take everything into account. That's why the BBVA app not only lets you see everything you have globally, but also your financing, investments and even the current value of your home.

This makes it easier to make a better decision.

Start investing

Once you think you have a sufficient cushion, you can consider investing part of your savings.

At BBVA, we'll help you find the investment that is best suited to you and show you how to track its value.

Know your home

Your home is as important to you as it is to us. And that's why you can now add its current value to your assets in the BBVA app, see its associated (monthly or yearly) expenses, find out how to save on bills and how to have a more sustainable home.

Control your debt

Being aware of what you owe is essential to knowing what you can afford. Whether it's to adjust your lifestyle or find out how much you can comfortably spend considering your finances. Is it a good time to change cars or do some remodeling?