A plan for the future to live with peace of mind today

Do you think you could get more out of your money? Would you like to have a plan for your retirement? Or maybe you're thinking about buying a house with your partner? At BBVA, we would like to help you find answers to questions which arise sooner or later

How to make your savings grow

You need to understand your current financial situation and have clear goals to know what to do with your savings. Whether with the app's savings tools to create a financial cushion. Or by finding an investment that is in line with your objectives and that you feel comfortable with.

Your assets at a glance

Planning means looking at the medium to long term, and the first step is to be clear about your starting point. Having an overview of your finances and knowing what you have less what you owe is essential for making sound financial decisions.

It is possible to have healthy debt

Good financial health does not mean that you can't borrow, but you should do so in a controlled way. The BBVA app helps you to know what's within reach. Or what you could achieve in the future in a realistic way and with a healthy strategy.

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Other methods to improve your financial stability

  • Under control mode

    So you can view your accounts and anticipate possible expenses that could affect your control.
  • Savings mode

    We offer a wide range of options to let you customize your savings mode exactly as you want.