Domestic economy

Stabilize your home finances

What if the BBVA app could help you manage your personal income and expenses to improve your finances?

Save where you didn't know you could. Knowing in advance what expenses to expect even before they are posted and heeding the suggestions of the app to try to strike a financial balance.

Check your expenses

Imagine having information on all your expenses if you classify your finances into categories and subcategories. This makes it easier to know how you're spending your money so you can plan ahead or consider creating one or more budgets.

Budget your expenses

Minding your financial health starts by improving how your manage your expenses.

And to do that, you can classify your finances by expense type and track them monthly in a way that is practical and visual.

Plan your income and expenses

Keeping track of each and every one of your expenses isn't always easy. To make it a little easier, the BBVA app sends you messages in advance with information on your account's upcoming activity.

This way you will have more information so you won't be caught off guard by less routine expenses and income.