Increase your savings

Grow your savings to give yourself peace of mind

What if the BBVA app could give you tips to grow your savings?

Helping you reach your goals, letting you save small amounts almost without noticing it. And, little by little, grow a cushion that you can rely on if you ever need it

Create goals to save money

Reaching your goals could take a while, and with the BBVA app, you decide how long.

Schedule the recurring contribution you want to make and track its progress through notifications.

Save without noticing it

When it comes to saving, everything counts, even in small amounts.

That's how the BBVA app lets you save by rounding up all of your purchases. Plus, at the end of each month you can also save part of your income in your account.

Get your financial cushion

Imagine your current lifestyle, but with no income (at least for a while). Well, that's what peace of mind is.

With the BBVA app, you'll receive suggestions that could help you grow your cushion gradually so you can count on it in the future if you need it.