Find your savings mode and live with more peace of mind

We know that there are as many ways to save as people in the world. Therefore, at BBVA, we offer a wide range of options to let you customize your savings mode exactly as you want.

Improve your financial health with the BBVA app

Whatever you're like, the BBVA app learns from you to offer ideas tailored to your needs. It can help you better manage your personal finances, save money and plan for greater peace of mind.

Save almost without realizing it

Finding your own savings mode is essential to achieve your goals or simply increase your financial cushion for the future. That is why we have designed rules so that you can save your own way, and almost without noticing it.

Your money. Your rules

In the app, you can make your money and account behave the way you want.
  • Combine different rules to get the most out of them.
  • Change, deactivate or delete rules as needed.
  • Receive notifications to keep on top of the rules you have activated.

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Other methods to improve your financial stability

  • Under control mode

    So you can view your accounts and anticipate possible expenses that could affect your control.
  • Future mode

    We advise you to find the opportunities that best suit you at all times.