What is Christmas?

Christmas is celebrated on December 25 in Spain and in many other countries around the world. This religious holiday, however, has a pagan origin. The first time Christmas was celebrated in a way that was similar to how it's done today was two centuries after the birth of Jesus Christ. Until that time, they celebrated feasts known as Saturnalia, during which the Romans honored Saturn. It was in the 4th century when Pope Julius I officially decreed this date as Christmas.

When is Christmas celebrated?

In most countries of the world, Christmas falls on December 25. This date was not chosen at random. One of the many reasons they did so was so it would coincide with the same dates in the calendar as the Roman feasts in honor of Saturn. As a result, the celebrations to the Sun God gradually celebrated the Son of God.

Christmas Deals

There are many Christmas deals that physical and online stores make available to consumers. These include price reductions for products (a specific percentage) and 2 for 1 or 3 for 2 deals. The goal of these Christmas deals is to increase sales volume at a time of year when spending increases exponentially.

When do Christmas sales start?

Unlike the Winter Sales, which start on January 7 (in most stores), the Christmas Sales start a few weeks earlier. Physical and online stores offer customers significant discounts on their products starting in mid-December, in order to take advantage of the high level of spending that takes place in the period leading up to this holiday.

How can I finance my Christmas purchases?

To make it easier to purchase Christmas gifts, BBVA offers its customers different financing options, including a Personal Online Loan and a Fast Online Loan for new customers, which you can request from or the BBVA app without providing any documentation, and receive a reply within approximately 8 working hours.

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