APP for Sharing Expenses

Sharing everything with others can mean sharing expenses as well

Now, with the BBVA app, you can also create groups to share or divide expenses with friends, relatives, roommates, travel or anyone you share your life with, whether or not they are BBVA customers.

Shall we start?

1. Create or join a group

If you already have a username, go to the experiences tab in the side menu of the BBVA app and create a group or accept the invitation to join one already created. You can share expenses for more sporadic events such as birthdays and trips or recurring expenses (rental of apartment, classes, etc.).

2. Add expenses and participants

After creating the group, you can add participants directly from your agenda, whether they are customers or not, and add new expenses to the group.

3. Track your payments

All the participants in the group will be able to monitor payments and calculate what each person owes at any time without leaving the BBVA app.

Find out what you can do without being a customer

  • Create groups of friends or join groups already created.
  • Divide expenses equally among group members or on a case-by-case basis as you see fit.
  • Keep a record of your cash expenditures.
  • All this without needing to be a BBVA customer.

Already a customer?

You can pay directly from the app with Bizum or through a transfer, and register expenses by linking them to account movements.