When will I be able to start using my account?

Find out what account activation period corresponds to you

You can open a BBVA account at bbva.es or via the BBVA App whether you're a BBVA customer or not.

If the account is operational, it is activated and ready to use:

  • Receiving transfers or payments.
  • Fee-free debit card cash withdrawals at all BBVA ATMs.
  • View your transactions and account balance.
  • Carry out all types of online charges, payments, and direct debit billing.
  • Other services via your mobile such as activating and deactivating cards, sending cash to an ATM with a single SMS.

How long does it take for an account to become operational?

The time varies based on whether you are currently a customer, and also on the selected contracting process (if you are a new customer). via cell phone or the website.

If you are not a customer...

If you open your account via the BBVA App, it will be operational immediately: as soon as you have completed the process correctly and we have confirmed your identity via video call.

If you are already a customer...

If you open a new account, you can start to use it immediately.

If you are not a customer...

If you decide to open your account via bbva.es, you must first register as a customer and complete the required information.

For your account to be operational, you must:

1. Complete the identification process.

a) If you have chosen the “Courier” option, remember that you will be contacted at the phone number that you provided during the registration process.

b) If you have chosen the “Account number” option, you don't have to do anything. All that's left is for your original bank to confirm that the information recorded in BBVA matches your identity.

2. Send the required documentation:

- If you have not attached your ID (photo or scan of your Spanish ID/Foreigner ID, please email it to: altaclientes@bbva.com

- In some cases, other types of documentation may be requested. Remember that you can view any documentation pending submission by signing in to bbva.es with your login information (DNI + Password). If the document submission and identification process is successful, the account will be operational in 7 to 10 days

If you are already a customer...

If you open a new account at bbva.es, you can start to use it immediately.

Do you want to know the status of your process?

If want know the status of your customer sign-up process: 

  • Log in to bbva.es or the BBVA app with your access credentials (DNI/NIE + Password).
  • On the start screen you can check the status of your process and confirm that you do not have any documents with reception pending.
  • If you need to send us a document, you can choose the delivery and identification method (courier, email, etc).