Methods of identifying new BBVA customers

We'll explain the methods used to identify new customers and why we use them.
Money laundering regulations require all banks operating in Spain to identify their new customers. For new online registrations, there are three methods of identification:

This is a sure and fast way to identify yourself without having to leave home or work. If you have an account in another bank, simply give BBVA your account number at that bank and we will contact the bank and verify that your registration information (DNI/NIE, tax residence, etc.) matches the details you provided.

This method is free, no type of fee will be charged to your account and the information will not be used for any kind of marketing activity.

If you don't have an account in another bank, BBVA offers a free identification method in which a courier will go to the address you gave during the registration process to pick up the signed documents and personally verify that the data provided do in fact correspond to the applicant.

BBVA offers the fast and simple option of identifying yourself through a free video call. A manager of the bank put on in touch with you through a videocall to your cell phone, or to your computer, for identify yourself, verify the authenticity of your ID and give you the welcome to BBVA.

This new identification method is only available if you register using an iPhone or Android smartphone.