Gas and fuel discount cards

We'll explain how cards offering gas and fuel discounts work
Credit cards offer a series of benefits that extend beyond providing quick credit for urgent expenses. In fact, many cardholders don't often use the credit they have available. So, why do we need credit cards? The answer is that many of these cards have associated benefits, such as: points programs, travel or theft insurance, and a long etcetera.
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You'll be able to pay for your purchases over time and use it at over 6,000 ATMs.
Today we are highlighting the discounts that some of these cards offer at service stations, both on fuel and on purchases made inside their shops.

Save every time you refuel

There is a good handful of credit cards on the market that offer their customers discounts when they refuel at associated gas stations or purchase products for their cars.

Depending on the card, these discounts can range from saving you a few cents per liter of fuel to saving you a percentage of the total fuel cost.

For example, the BBVA Repsol Más card offers its users a discount of up to 7 cents off per liter of fuel at Repsol, Campsa, and Petronor stations. In addition, this card awards a 5% discount on purchases at associated service stations.

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Pay for your purchases over time with the Después Card and use it at over 6,000 ATMs.

Requirements for getting a gas discount card

Requirements for getting this type of credit card are similar to other cards. If the card is a debit card, you simply need to have an account open with that bank. If it is a credit card, you typically need to have a direct deposit set up with the bank, and the bank must approve you for the card after a review. In any case, these requirements vary by bank.
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