Dental insurance, how works?

Learn about some aspects of dental insurance policies, how they work, and how you can take one out

Although they are a matter of necessity, dental treatments and dentist consultations are excluded from many basic health insurance policies. The Social Security, for example, will cover major dental operations and treatment, but not other services such as check-ups, cleaning and orthodontics (for more information, see the Social Security dental hygiene program on the Ministry of Health website). For this reason, private dental insurance not only helps you to cover these expenses, but also to access a network of top category professionals.

Among the BBVA insurance products available, you will find the BBVA Más Salud from BBVA Seguros y Santias policy, which allows you to access the Sanitas medical directory and receive top quality insurance cover for dental issues. With a wide range of formats, this could be, without a doubt, the product that you're looking for to protect your oral health, especially if you're a BBVA customer.

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Dental insurance offers

Problems stemming from oral diseases and dental issues can require major interventions. For this reason, in most insurance policies we will find two constants: waiting periods and limited range of services.

The waiting period for dental insurance policies is the period of time during which the insured cannot access all the services offered. This makes it advisable to take out dental insurance before something goes wrong, because you may find that essential treatment is not covered unless you have been insured for a certain time. At BBVA Mas Salud, however, there is no waiting period or pre-existing dental coverage conditions.

What does a dental insurance policy cover? This question is asked by all insureds, especially when they need dental treatment. However, it's always good to know in advance what each insurance company offers, so we can avoid any last-minute surprises.

Dental insurance generally covers the following:

  • Preventive dentistry: general dental consultation for exploration and diagnosis, oral cleaning and emergency consultation.
  • Diagnostic tests: x-rays, orthopantomagraph (panoramic x-ray), cephalometrics, photos or slides, dental CAT scan, radiological study for orthodontics, etc.
  • Surgical procedures: extractions, minor oral surgery, pre-prosthetic surgery and orthodontal surgery, etc.
  • Other coverage: dental aids or implants, overseas dental care, corrective dental treatments, etc.

That's how dental insurance works

Dental insurance varies greatly based on each product contracted. For this reason, when considering how any specific insurance policy works, it's always good to analyse the product you're interested in.

In the case of the BBVA Más Salud policy, dental coverage is included. It's not optional. BBVA Más Salud is a private health insurance policy that offers you national coverage and gives you access to over 40,000 healthcare professionals and over 1,200 Sanitas medical centers.

By taking out this insurance policy, you will automatically be included in the Sanitas Dental 21 package, allowing you access to all dental centers in the Sanitas dental network. So, if you decide to take out this insurance policy, any visits you make to these dental clinics will be just like visiting the doctor:

  • Search on the website, the app or the catalogue for the list of participating dental clinics.
  • Choose the center you like or that which is most convenient.
  • Book an appointment and bring your insurance card when you attend.
  • Go in for a free consultation with a healthcare professional and get your diagnosis.

In many cases, since the insurance covers over 30 different services, you won't have to pay anything for your treatment. If this is your case, make another appointment and book in for the treatment at a time that suits you!

If you need special treatment not covered by the policy, don't worry. The clinic will give you a quote to finance the treatment. With this type of treatment, the dental coverage of the BBVA Más Salud policy offers you a discount of up to 21% on treatment compared to average market prices.

The BBVA Salud app can also help you to keep track of everything relating to your insurance. The main advantages include:

  • Fast and intuitive appointment scheduling.
  • Dentist visits with no need to bring your card
  • See results of clinical tests.
  • Medical consults with other physicians in the medical directory.
  • View bills and co-pays.
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Dental insurance cover and cost

Choosing BBVA Más Salud dental insurance policy is putting your oral health in good hands. You won't only have access to the Sanitas medical team at a very competitive price, but if you're a BBVA Salud customer, you'll also get interesting discounts and benefits.

Depending on the option you choose, you'll be able to save on your monthly payment. For example, if you choose the co-pay option, a system where you pay a minimum amount per visit, you will lower your monthly payment.

  • If you take out BBVA Más Salud Esencial, you'll have the same cover as BBVA Más Salud, but at a lower price. However, for each dental visit you make, you'll be charged €3.
  • If you're not interested in this, you can opt for the BBVA Más Salud package and select "no co-pay", which is aimed at customers not wishing to have to make any additional payment for going to the doctor.

Do I have to be a BBVA customer? Although there are advantages to being a BBVA customer, it's not an essential requirement. To take out your policy and your dental insurance, all you have to do is complete a simple medical questionnaire and, if required, answer some questions over the phone or have a medical check-up.

Depending on your needs and your situation, you will have to choose between one package or another. Whatever the case, don't forget to do your calculations and work out which option is best for you. At you will find full details of the BBVA healthcare programs, and a list of insurance cover and co-pay options. Here, you will also be able to request an initial assessment, by just providing a few personal details.

Another way to save even more money is to group your dental insurance together with other insurance policies in the BBVA EstarSeguro Plan. This way, you will be able to save up to 15% depending on the insurance policies you group together, and enjoy advantages such as split monthly payments without surcharges.

Don't miss this chance to get a quality dental insurance plan with BBVA and save yourself any surprises!

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