Car rental, new or used?

Discovers the advantages that presents each one of these modalities of renting.

Although in many cases necessary, the acquisition of a car constitutes a major disbursement long-term so much for individuals as for companies, since your mere conservation takes partners a series of expenses unavoidable. With the aim of reduce these costs, every time are more the people that choose alternative methods when access a vehicle. In this respect, the renting of cars has positioned as one of the options more reliable and advantageous of last years. 

As a result of the increase in the number of users of renting vehicles, the companies dedicated to this type of rents have commenced to diversify your offer, including modalities that, until does just some years, not contemplated in this field. Thus, nowadays, the individuals and the companies have the possibility of choose between the renting of new cars or the renting of second-hand cars that have between 6 and 24 months. In this item, you count the advantages that presents each one of these options.

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What is Car renting?

The renting is type of car rental long-term whose duration usually fluctuate between the 2 and the 5 years. Through the contracting this service, the company of renting offers to the user a model of your choice, in exchange for a monthly fee that remains invariable during all the period of duration of the agreement. 

The major advantage that presents this type of rental contracts lies in the acceptance of main expenses associated to the vehicle use on the part of the feeder organization; this way, the users are exempt from face to the fees of the insurance, the taxes of registration and circulation, and the repairs and checkups that can require the vehicle. Likewise, in the case of the companies and the self-employed workers, the rent of a car through a contract of renting entails certain tax advantages: given that, unlike the acquisition of a car, the renting considers an expense instead of an investment, the amount corresponding to the fees of the rent can deduce in its entirety in the corporation tax and in the PERSONAL INCOME TAX. In spite of not have the possibility of enjoy these tax advantages, the renting also constitutes an option for the individuals or employees that want arrange freely of a car without need of acquire it as owner. 

Once completed the agreement, the users can choose return the vehicle, subscribe a new deal for access a vehicle different or negotiate the purchase of the car that has used during the contract of renting.

Renting of cars new

As is evident, the main advantage that presents the renting of new cars in front of the renting of second-hand cars lies in the possibility of open a car new whenever subscribes a contract of these characteristics. Regardless of that the feeder organization takes over of the expenses associated to the repairs and to the replacement vehicle that gives if necessary, the cars new generate, as a rule, fewer mechanical problems that the cars used, offering an experience a lot of more comfortable and nice for the customer. 

Likewise, the majority of the companies of renting offer to the future users the possibility of establish a series of requirements and preferences with regard to the characteristics of the vehicle before proceed to the acquisition of the same one. This way, the renting of a new car involves the rent of a vehicle especially selected depending on the user needs.

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Renting of cars second-hand

Generally speaking, the cars second-hand that the companies of renting offer to your customers come from contracts of renting previous and have few years of seniority and a mileage not very high. Moreover, with the aim of guarantee the good state of the vehicle, the companies carry out controls thorough of the operation and the external aspects (bodywork and hinterlands) of the car before put it in rent, offering to the users the possibility of access the case history and to the mechanical certifications and visual of the same one before take the decision. This way, the renting of a second-hand car offers all the guarantees associated to a car new, but to a price considerably inferior. 
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