Labels environmental in my hybrid car, which me corresponds?

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The label environmental is born from the quality National Plan of the air and protection of the atmosphere 2013-2016. This concluded that the traffic vehicular was the main source of particles pollutants in the big cities, fact that you took to define a classification whose objective was discriminate positively the different types of vehicle depending on pollution that issue. For carry out it, took into account the details well-proportioned for different manufacturers, so not includes the state of the vehicle. 

Your layout not is compulsory nationwide although there are exceptions as, for example, Madrid. In the capital, and from the April 24, is compulsory take it (recommends in the inferior corner left-hand of the moon lead), low fine for anyone who circulate without her.

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What label is the one which corresponds to the hybrid car?

Is a total of 4 labels environmental, each one of a color: Label Issuances Zero (of blue color), Label ECHO (of green color and blue), Label B (of yellow color) and Label C (of green color). 

To the hybridcar, category that includes so much the models plug-in with an autonomy lower than 40 km and not plug-in as which use natural gas (Gas Natural Tablet or Liquefied Natural Gas) or blended gas of oil, you corresponds the ECHO environmental label as more environmentally conscious second option, only overcome for the zero issuances (attributed to electric cars of battery, electric of autonomy widespread, hybrids plug-in with autonomy higher than 40 km or vehicles of fuel cell).

The two remaining types of labels environmental include vehicles of fuel distillate of the oil. The C corresponds to standard family cars and vans light gasoline matriculated from January 2006 or diésel from 2014 and vehicles of more than eight squares and freight transportation, diésel or gas, matriculated from 2014. The B, on the other hand, includes to standard family cars and vans light gasoline matriculated from January of 2000 or the diésel from January 2006, as well as vehicles of more than eight squares and of freight transportation, so much gas as diésel, matriculated from 2005. 

If have doubts on what distinctive you corresponds to your car, can enter the website of the DGT and, with just include your registration, know that label environmental owe have.

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Renewal of car

The new regulations emerged with the intention reduce pollution in the cities are doing that many citizens want acquire a car ecological in order circular with more peace of mind and respecting the environment. 

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