International transfers

Easily and securely make transfers in foreign currency from your cell phone

  • Make transfers in the currency of the destination country with your SWIFT code and avoid possible conversion costs.
  • If you prefer, you can make instant transfers in euros to accounts in Europe in under 20 seconds*.
24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
*It is currently possible to make instant transfers to banks in the SEPA (Single Euro Payment Area). This includes the majority of banks in the 28 EU countries, together with Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Great Britain, Monaco, San Marino and Switzerland. More information at

Transferring money abroad is easy with the BBVA app

  • Log into the BBVA app

    If you haven't installed it yet, download it from the Apple Store or Play Store.
  • Go to Transfers

    Select the account from which you want to transfer the moneyClick on "Start banking," select "Transfers" and follow the same steps as for a national transfer.
  • Schedule your transfers

    And set up your regular payments.

Do you know the benefits of making transfers in the currency of the destination country?

  • You get a more cost-effective rate from the app and 

        Up to €1,000, the transfer fee** will only be €6

  • You will avoid the possible conversion costs of the destination bank.
  • You will instantly know the exchange rate applied*** and the fees you will pay.


**with the shared charges option. ***The exchange rates applicable to transfers that require currency conversion shall be either those published each day by the Bank for amounts of 3,000 euros or less, or the equivalent thereof, or those set by the entity based on market rates. Available at, Currencies).

Make transfers with the security of belonging to a bank that has more than 3,000 correspondent banks abroad

More than 60% of BBVA customers already make transfers in foreign currency through the app, enjoying better conditions, and a quick and easy process.
If you are a BBVA customer, you can now make international transfers around the world easily and securely
You can send money to other banks abroad.

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