What are the digits of an account number?

We will explain the standardized method of codifying the numbers of any bank account. Each component has a purpose
It is the standardized method for mathematically codifying checking accounts, savings accounts and, in general, any bank account and financial product set up in a bank.
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In our country, this code of figures has one code and twenty digits. Every component has a certain function – especially the first or the first two of each set of numbers - and provides fast access to certain details, such as the country, the entity of origin or the specific branch where a bank account was opened.
An important element of your account number is the IBAN code (International Bank Account Number). This is a new identifier created to unify the different national identifiers and to allow transfers to be made between banks of the European Union in a standardized manner.
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The IBAN code replaced the old CCC code, and ever since it came into use in February 2014, it has been required to carry out any charge or payment transaction. If your account number does not include this code yet, you can simply request it at your bank.
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