How BBVA telephone banking works

We'll explain how you can use and monitor your accounts with just one phone call

BBVA's telephone banking you allows carry out all your operations and enquiries through a call, of a way agile, comfortable and simple, provided that it need and from anywhere.

Depending on your profile, is installed a line specific in which our experts you accompany so much in the production of any process of your operations as when solve any incident that can emerge you.

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Opening hours

If are an Individuals

In Spain: 91 224 94 26

24 hours a day, 7 days a week 


+34 91 374 73 68

If are of Private Banking

91 224 98 95
24 hours a day, 7 days a week 

If are of Personal Banking

91 224 98 82
24 hours a day, 7 days a week 


Opening hours

If are a Self-employed worker

91 298 35 96

From Monday to Friday of 9 h to 19 h
If are a SME

If are a Business

91 224 98 07
From Monday to Sunday of 7 h to 24 h

If are an Institution

91 296 70 70
From Monday to Friday of 9 h to 19 h

How does it work?

If are an Individuals or customer of Private Banking or Personal Banking, this is the process that owe carry out:

If you are already a user of telephone banking:

  • Identify yourself with your ID number (DNI).
  • State what operation or inquiry you want to carry out.
  • We will ask you for two random positions from your access password in order to process it. In some cases, you will also have to give us the password that we will send to your approved cell phone.

If you are not already a user of telephone banking:

  • You can register for the service on your first call. Remember to have your BBVA card at hand.

To make things even easier, you will be able to use any quick transactions you have configured in your private area at, as well as the aliases you have given to your products. An alias is a name with which you have identified your products in your private area of

You can also use your list of contacts, for example to send a transfer to someone on your list. 

These are some examples:

  • "I would like to know the balance in my Payroll account"
  • 'I want to transfer €150 from my Saving account'
  • 'I want to charge my (operator) phone with €20'
  • "I would like to view BBVA's stock price"
  • "I would like to get the phone number for branch 4321"

Advantages of banking by phone

  • Fast: the more information you provide, the quicker your procedure will be.
  • Simple: as easy as identifying yourself and telling us what you would like to do.
  • Both individuals and business customers can perform a wide range of queries and transactions with just one phone call.
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Learn about the Online Fee-Free Account

You can use Contact BBVA to:

  • Check the balance of your accounts, credit cards, deposits, pension plans or investment funds.
  • Consult the recent movements of your accounts and cards, with the possibility of send a copy to your e-mail.Realizar transfers and transfers.
  • Send money to the ATM to withdraw it without a card.
  • Top up your cell phone.
  • Check and reclaim bill charges.
  • Activate a card or change the payment method.
  • Check your portfolio and stock prices.
  • Check information about BBVA branches.
  • Manage your passwords.
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