This is the Set Up Your Account service

The tool that helps you keep your account under control.

Managing your accounts is not always easy. Therefore, BBVA offers its Set up your account service which features simple rules to manage your accounts automatically so you can concentrate on other important things in life.

It lets you set a minimum or maximum balance (to prepare for any unexpected costs), round off your debit card payments, and set savings guidelines based on your budgets, paycheck, or month-end balance. Access all these features via the BBVA app, completely free of charge.

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What features does it offer?

  • Minimum balance: if you are someone who doesn't check their account very often, you run the risk of having insufficient funds or even going overdrawn. This feature lets you set a minimum limit for your accounts, preventing your balance from dropping below this amount. If your balance drops to the minimum limit, funds will be transferred automatically from a selected second account (provided there is a sufficient balance) so that your money never falls below this limit.
  • Maximum balance: this feature is similar but works the other way round. In this case, you set a maximum balance for one of your accounts. Then, any money that exceeds this limit will be automatically transferred to another account. This makes it much easier to save as this extra money does not stay in your spending account.
  • Rounding off of purchases: this is a very useful tool as it allows you to access micro-savings on your debit card payments. The process is very simple: for each purchase made with your debit card, the difference between the total amount and the next euro is transferred directly to your selected savings account. For example, if you make a purchase in a supermarket for the amount of €14.75, the 25-cent difference to the next euro (€15) will be transferred automatically to your savings account.
  • Paycheck savings: with this feature, you can automatically transfer a portion of your salary or pension, as soon as you receive it, to another account. As you will not see the money in your account, it is much easier to save.
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  • Month-end savings: this is similar to the previous feature. However, it applies to your balance at the end of the month rather than at the start. It allows you to grow your savings passively by transferring a percentage of your month-end balance to another account. This is a completely automatic feature so you don't have to worry.
  • Budget savings: Bconomy (available in the BBVA app) lets you create a series of budgets to better organize your money. Set up your account goes one step further by enabling you to transfer any extra money from your budgets to another account. As a result, your savings account will continue to grow automatically.
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