Save money with a digital piggy bank

Saving made easy with the Set Up Your Account rules.

Do you remember as a child saving every last cent with the hope of building a fortune? You would put all your pocket money into a piggy bank to save up for something really special. This is something that is familiar to almost everyone. However, today, the money-saving process has entered the technological age with virtual piggy banks. 

But, what exactly is a virtual piggy bank? In most cases, a virtual piggy bank is a fee-free account allocated exclusively for savings. At BBVA, this is our BBVA Goals Account. This account can only be opened via or the BBVA app. It is very easy to use: when you open it, you give it a name and then set a target amount and date to reach your savings goal. During the process, the account sends you notifications so you can stay on top of your savings progress. It is a very efficient and simple way to create different savings goals. It's just like when you were a child.

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Save with Set up your account
Use the six rules and achieve your goals quickly and easily

How do you fill the piggy bank?

BBVA offers different tools to pay money into your virtual piggy bank. The most practical way? The Set up your account tool which features different rules designed to help you save. 

The Rounding Off tool is the most similar option to a traditional piggy bank. Based on the concept of microsavings, whenever you make a purchase with your debit card for an amount that is not a whole number, the difference to the next euro is transferred to a second savings account. For example: if you buy something for €10.30, the 70-cent difference to €11 is transferred to your virtual piggy bank. 

You can also use the following rules: Month-End Savings, Budget Savings, and Paycheck Savings. In the first option, a percentage of your savings (i.e., your monthly income minus expenses) is transferred to your virtual piggy bank. The second works in a similar way. However, in this case, the automatic transfer is applied to any extra money from your budgets in Bconomy. Finally, the third rule applies to the most recent paycheck paid into your account.

The last option is the Maximum Balance tool. In this case, any money that passes this maximum limit will be automatically transferred to a savings account. 

As you can see, technology can make our lives much easier. Therefore, if you want to save, virtual piggy banks have many advantages over traditional options.

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BBVA Goals account
The account that helps you achieve your savings goals.

What are the conditions for the account?

As this account is designed to help you save, there are no fees. Likewise, as this is a savings account, you cannot use it to set up direct billing for your paycheck, deposits, or bills. Also, there is no card associated with this account.
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