Awarded for the management of our investment funds and pension plans

At BBVA we want to guide our customers, which is why we find solutions to channel their savings and investment.

BBVA Asset Management, the investment fund and pension plan manager, has garnered many awards over the years. And in 2019, it received two of the industry's most prestigious awards from the Spanish newspaper Expansión:

  • Best Asset Allocation Manager to BBVA Asset Management SGIIC.
  • Best Pension Fund Manager to BBVA Pensiones EGFP.

In addition, it has received the Best Multiasset Aggressive Pension Fund award for its BBVA Plan 30, PPI pension plan.

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Goal-focused solutions

At BBVA we want to provide our customers solutions to channel their savings and investment.

Because when we invest our life savings, we want to get everything we can out of them, to meet the life goals we have set.

That is why at BBVA, we have channeled our efforts into offering investment funds and pension plans, proposing different solutions for different customer profiles and types, with highly consistent results over time.

What is Asset Allocation?

Asset Allocation is the distribution that is made between the different types of assets when investing (bonds, stocks, real estate, currencies, etc.). When distributing, firstly the investor's risk profile is taken into account, meaning that equities are more prevalent in more aggressive solutions and less prevalent for more conservative profiles.

But it is not just risk profile that is important. Once the weighting has been defined, professional management will be able to add real diversification that expands the sources of profitability, while at the same time distributing risk across the greatest number of assets, regions, countries and currencies... with active management that picks the right time to invest in those assets based on market expectations.

The award for the Best Asset Allocation Manager confirms that we are on the right track to offering our customers solutions that are right for their circumstances and that help them meet their goals.

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Pension benchmarks

The award for the Best Pension Fund Manager is a recognition not only of the quality of our pension plans as retirement savings solutions, but also of our commitment to disseminating content on financial planning and retirement. This is how we try to help society make the best decisions to plan the future, through the My Retirement initiative and with the BBVA Future Planner planning tool for the future.

For BBVA, awards are important but the best award is being our customers' trusted managers. Our best reward is that we are recognized for our accessibility and proximity, that we offer solutions and not products and, above all, that our clients trust us with their needs, goals and dreams.

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