Asset planning

Department specializing in asset planning

  • Planning asset structures.
  • Tax information. 
  • Maximizing returns.

Management model

  • We offer a department that specializes in wealth planning whose goal is to help you achieve the asset structure that best suits your needs. The Estate and Succession Planning division can offer you the following options:

    • Structure planning: we help you organize your assets in the most efficient way possible to minimize your personal or corporate tax bill, your capital gains tax, and any taxes associated with transferring your assets to the next generation (Inheritance Tax and Donations), all in accordance with applicable tax laws.
    • Maximizing returns: we look for the optimal choices from a fiscal point of view. 
    • Tax Information: information on recurring tax issues that come up involving all your assets, both in and outside the BBVA Group, whether financial or not (real estate, business, etc.). To do this, we use "ad hoc" meetings, the Tax Newsletter from BBVA Private Banking, informative notes, as well as events organized to inform you about legal tax issues of special interest.

Family company

  • When shares of family companies are part of your assets, we inform you of the tax benefits you can get (exemption from the Wealth Tax for these shares and a credit on the Tax on Inheritance and Donations).

Transfer of assets

  • We can also answer any questions you may have regarding the different ways of transferring assets to the next generation, whether through inheritance or donations. To do this, we inform you of the possibilities offered by the laws in effect at any given time, differentiating between what we might call the inheritance preparation phase and the subsequent phase, when the transfer of the assets will become effective.

    In addition, we have special internal procedures for processing the wills of our BBVA private banking customers.