Wealth planning

Area specialized in the planning of your assets

  • Planning asset structures.
  • Fiscal information. 
  • Maximizing returns.

Management model

  • Put at your disposal an area specialized in the planning of your assets with the aim of help you to reach the structure patrimonial that better adapts to your needs. Through the area of Patrimonial Planning you offer the next possibilities:

    • Planning of structures: you help to organize your assets of the way more efficient for optimize the tax arrangement derived from the acquirement of incomes (PERSONAL INCOME TAX / Corporation tax), of the maintenance of your assets (Capital gains tax) and of the transmission from the same one to the next generation (Inheritance tax and Donations), always according to the current regulations at all times.
    • Maximizing returns: look for the alternatives optimal from a fiscal point of view. 
    • Tax Information: information on questions of fiscal kind that you pose in connection with the management of all your assets, in and out of the BBVA Group, so much financial one as non-financial (real-estate, business…). For this, use meetings “ad hoc ”, the Boletín Fiscal of BBVA Private Banking, briefing notes, as well as events organized for give information on questions legal tax of special interest.

Family business

  • When are part of your assets stock or shares of character companies relative you inform of the fiscal advantages that can obtain (exemption of the stock or shares in the Capital gains tax and bonus in the Inheritance tax and Donations).

Transmission of assets

  • Additionally can solve the doubts that can emerge you with different ways of carry out the inheritance to the next generation, via succession or through the production of donations. For this, you inform of the possibilities that offers the regulation in force at all times, distinguishing the one which be able to call phase of preparation successional of the phase subsequent, in which do effective the inheritance.

    Moreover, have some internal procedures special for the processing of the testamentarías of our customers of BBVA Private Banking.