Sign using biometrics on your device

Bank and authorize payments with your fingerprint or face ID

Innovation and security to make your life easier.

  • It is fast and convenient
  • Secure and personal
  • The same biometrics you use on your mobile and tablet

Remember that you must have the BBVA app installed to enable your biometric signature.

Advantages of biometric signature on your device

  • Do you have the BBVA app installed? Now, you can use the same biometric signature you use on your device to bank and authorize payments, for faster transactions and the security offered by something as unique and personal as your fingerprint or face ID (1).

    It is easy to enable and use, since you won't need to receive SMS with codes to confirm or authorize many of your transactions, making your banking much more convenient. Remember that you can enable or disable it whenever you want.

    You will be able to use the biometric signature on your device for operations such as: online purchase, CVV verification, turn cards off and on, and much more...

Secure and easy to enable

  • If you have biometric login on your mobile or tablet, activating the biometric signature on your device is very easy within the BBVA app:

    1 - First, enable biometric login
    2 - Then, enable biometric signature on your device.

    You can do both operations in the Login and Signature Methods option, within the Security and Privacy area of the app.

Your bank on your smartphone with the BBVA app

Associated features

(1) BBVA does not store or process the biometric information that customers have registered on their devices. The financial institution only gives the customer the option to use this service to carry out banking operations by letting the device validate their identity using biometrics. The biometric signature is an option that the customer can enable or disable at no cost.