Contribute to your pension plan from our app

Saving has never been so convenient.

Save for your future easily with your cell phone.

  • Make contributions to your pension plans whenever and wherever you want. 
  • Fast and convenient. 
  • Receive a 3% bonus for transferring from another bank.

How can you make contributions to your pension plan?

  • Steps to follow

    If you don't have a pension plan, you can open one easily based on your age and investment preferences.

    If you already have one, you will be able to make contributions to pension plans easily, whenever and wherever you want

    You have no excuse for not saving: at BBVA we give you all the facilities. You no longer need to go to our branch offices or log in to to open a pension plan or make a contribution, because you can now do it from your smartphone.

    Moreover, receive a 3% bonus for transferring from another bank. 

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Your bank on your smartphone with the BBVA app

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