Contribute to your pension plan from our app

Saving has never been so convenient.

Save for your future effortlessly.

  • Make contributions whenever and wherever you want. 
  • Fast and convenient. 
  • Receive a 3% bonus for transferring from another bank.

What can you do from the app?

  • Steps to follow

    If you don't have a pension plan, you can open one easily. Choose one that suitable for your age and your investment preferences.

    If you already have a pension plan, you will be able to make contributions easily, whenever and wherever you want

    You have no excuse for not saving: at BBVA we give you all the facilities. You no longer need to go to our branch offices or log in to to open a pension plan or make a contribution, because you can now do it from your smartphone.

    Moreover, receive a 3% bonus for transferring from another bank. 

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Your bank on your smartphone with the BBVA app

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