Invest in investment funds from your cell phone

More simple, visual, and intuitive.

Invest in or transfer investment funds from your cell phone

Group your investments and access them easily with our app.
  • Easily access the information you need.
  • Check the highly visual and intuitive fact sheets.
  • Filter and get the best option for you.

How can you buy investment funds from your cell phone?

  • Thanks to its search engine and the included filters (type, category, risk level, etc.), you'll be able to find the investment fund that is best suited to you from among a wide selection. 

    To help you choose, we offer you highly visual files with all the information you need: makeup of the portfolio, investment policy, returns, fees, legal documents on the fund and other useful information. With this you will be able to open, contribute or transfer investment funds easily and quickly from your phone.

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