Dynamic CVV

An extra level of security when you shop over the phone and online

The dynamic CVV of Aqua BBVA cards generates a single-use code to make each transaction even more secure, protecting you against potential fraud.

What is the dynamic CVV?

The CVV (Card Verification Value) is a 3- or 4-digit code printed on the back of the financial cards that serves as a protection measure when making purchases over the phone or online.Along with the numbering and expiration date, it is used to confirm that it is the cardholder who is making the transaction.

The dynamic CVV code of Aqua BBVA cards offers an even greater level of protection, since it is not printed on the physical card, but is generated from the BBVA app specifically to confirm each transaction.

How does it work?

Using the dynamic CVV of Aqua BBVA cards is very simple

  • When making a transaction by phone or online, you must enter the card details: account holder name, full numbering, expiry date and CVV. 
  • To obtain all these details (which are not printed on the physical card), you only need to go to bbva.es or the BBVA app, access the card with which you wish to make the payment and click on the option to consult the dynamic CVV.
  • Along with your card details, you will be able to see a 3-digit CVV code with a validity period of a few minutes. If, after that time, you don't use it to make a transaction, the code will expire and you will have to request a new one. 

Don't have your Aqua Credit Card yet?

Smart, flexible, and even more secure:

  • No printed numbers, you can only see them in the app.
  • Dynamic CVV to protect your online purchases.
  • It allows you to defer payment on your purchases or pay for them the following month. 


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