How to use a card's CVC code

We tell you how to identify this security code and what it is used for
Among the various security measures that credit or debit cards have is the CVC code (Card Verification Code), an additional verification number that complements the PIN code that the user chooses in order to use their card, or the expiration date shown on it.
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This verification code can also be referred to as CVV, CW2, CVC2 or even CID. In any case, all these names refer to the same 3- or 4-digit code that is located on the front or rear of the card, depending on the type of card. For example, American Express cards display this code on the front, whereas VISA or Master Card include it on the back, next to the area intended for the user's signature.

The CVC code adds a level of security which guarantees that only the holder of the credit or debit card can use it, because the number only appears printed on one of its sides, it is not embossed and it cannot be found in any other document, such as invoices or bank statements.

This code is used primarily when making electronic purchases, whether over the internet, by telephone, or by another means in which the customer has to prove that they possess the physical card. As such, when buying on a website, for example, both the credit or debit card number and the expiry date and the CVC code are requested.

As an additional measure to ensure the confidentiality of the CVC code, it is changed if the card is lost or renewed.

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