The most secure protection system to access your account and sign your transactions

Biometrics uses your physical, unique and non-transferable qualities to protect your account against possible cyber attacks and offer you maximum security in your online operations.

What is biometrics and how does it work?

Biometrics is the identification and authentication technology that uses some people's biometric data such as fingerprints, faces or irises as a protection system.

It allows you to access your accounts and operate quickly, without having to remember passwords, or receive SMS messages with passwords or authorization codes.

This is the most reliable and advanced method you can use to sign some transactions, such as opening an account, shopping online, checking your cards… and that you can activate or deactivate whenever you want from the app.

Activate your access and signature with Biometrics

Before opening the BBVA app, make sure your biometric data is registered on your cell phone or tablet. When you have registered it, follow these steps:

  1. To activate the biometric login, go to the BBVA app, go to the top right-hand menu and go to "Security and Privacy" > "Login Methods/Signature". When the login is activated, you will receive a confirmation SMS. Confirm it and you will now be able to log into the app with your fingerprint, face or look.
  2. To activate the biometric signature, you must first have the login activated. If you already have one, you can do it with a selfie and a photo of your ID Card or from an ATM with a QR code. Also, if you have Android, you can also activate it by holding your contactless card close to your device.

Remember that if you deactivate biometric login for the app, your biometric signature will also be disabled.


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