Debt management

Plan your future projects, taking into account how much debt you can assume.

Keep debt under control

In the BBVA app you have access to all the information you should take into account when managing your debt.
  • Check the figure of the total debt you have acquired (mortgage, loans, amount financed and/or split into card payments).
  • Find out if the monthly payment effort you make is within the recommended threshold, your maximum credit capacity.

Discover what it is important to take into account so that the debt does not impact your financial health

  • Debt control

    Know at all times whether the volume of your debt is manageable or if it would be convenient to reduce it.
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    Financing margin

    Find out how much your margin is to continue resorting to financing with which to carry out projects.
  • Financial health

    Find out what is the debt threshold that you should not exceed if you want your financial health not to be compromised.

How does it work?

  • To calculate your recommended maximum credit capacity, we take into account your estimated average income and the monthly payment effort that the debt products you have contracted represent (mortgage, loans, card payments and you have financed and/or divided). 

    Once you know the sum of what you owe, you have to subtract it from what you have (money in account + investments + the market value of your home), and will result in the value of your assets, a figure that gives you a perspective on your current economic situation and represents a starting point for planning your future.

Your bank on your smartphone with the BBVA app

If you don't have it yet, download the BBVA app and access the Debt Manager through the Financial Health icon, located in the menu below.